Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hectic Life

I've been a very bad blogger lately. But I'm pretty sure no one ever reads this, so no biggie I guess. Things have gone from hectic to crazy with Christmas approaching.. but I'm enjoying it. I didn't enjoy the 5 straight hours of cleaning Sunday afternoon in preperation of The Mother coming for a visit. We had a mini Christmas party with her and her boyfriend and The Brother and his fam came over too. We had mexican food. The Mother lives veddy veddy close to the Texas/Mexico border and as such is privy to the most amazing tamales you've ever eaten. She brought up 5 and a half dozen. Heaven! To go along with The Most Amazing Tamales in the World, I mad a pot of chicken tortilla soup. In the new 6qt red with white interior enameled cast iron dutch oven The Husband gave me!!! I called him from the store and asked him to please wash out my big stock pot (that was sitting in the fridge with leftover spaghetti and meatballs because I couldn't find a tupperware LOL) and he kind of hesitates and goes "okay..." and I'm thinking man, I suck.. He's been so helpful today with all the cleaning and here I am asking him to do something else..." We hang up after I tell him he's The Most Amazing Man Ever and I literally run through the grocery store parking lot in order to get home and get the soup started before everyone starts showing up.

I get home and I drop some bags immediatly inside the front door and rush back out to the car for The Mother's requiset can of popcorn that I get her for Christmas every year. As I did that I let The Husband know that it was finally dark enough outside to see which lightbulbs needed to be replaced on the Christmas lights. He says okay and starts walking down the sidewalk and then pauses and goes "your pot is on the stove". I get in the house and look at the stove and see my sparkly new red pot that I've lusted after for years and years with a Christmas bow on top of it. I squeeled in delight and turned on my heel ran down my front walk around the garage and jumped into The Husband's arms screaming I love you I love you I love you!! He laughed and said "I didn't say WHICH pot was on the stove". I told him he was a bad boy though because he keeps giving me my presents early! LOL But I was so not complaining and ran back to the house and fired that baby up!

And can I just say.. it was the most awesome Chicken Tortilla Soup EVAH. Everyone said so. The Nephew went nuts over it. Even The Pickiest Eater in All The Land loved it. It was totally thanks to the pot. It had to be. :)

I even enjoyed washing it. By hand. And drying it. And placing it proudly right back on the stove for all to see and adore. *I* finally own a pot worthy of making Coq Au Vin in. :) Ina's Coq Au Vin. I can't freakin wait!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh,good man, hubby, good man!!!!!! I can just envision your reaction... it would have been worth videotaping, LOL!

    I had remembered you mentioning the red dutch oven a while back, I knew how much you had longed to have one... happy he made your dreams come true all over again :) Give him a big hug for me!

  2. LOL it definitly was worth video taping! I left out the part where I almost knocked the outside trashcans down trying to get around them on my way around the garage. LOL