Wednesday, December 16, 2009

French Toast

So I totally stumbled on something today, completely by accident because I was making an emergency substitution. And it turned out awesome, and I'm pretty sure this is how I'll do it from now on. :)

I was making myself some french toast for breakfast this morning.. Yes, just myself. No one else was home. And I wonder why my pants are tight. Anyway.. back to the recipe. I already had the bread cut, and the butter melting in my new stainless steel sautee pan, and had already cracked the eggs and added cinnamon, clove and a wee bit of maple extract. I open the fridge to grab the milk. Uhm. Where's the milk?? Damn kids. No worries, there is heavy cream and half and half in the garage fridge... And I think "this is good.. heavy cream would be so much better for the custard anyway!". So I go to the garage fridge for my heavy cream. Apparently it's time to defrost and clean that fridge because the heavy cream was frozen solid. As was the half a half. Not wanting to wait for either to thaw (damnit the butter was ready to go and my stomach was growling in anticipation).. But what else am I to do? So I decide to set the container of heavy cream down into a bowl of warm water and make a cup of coffee while I waited.. as I grab my french vanilla liquid coffee creamer out of the fridge I glance over at the eggs in the bowl and think "what the hell! if it sucks, I can just toss it".. So I add in the creamer and went on with making my breakfast.

And let me just say.. HOLY COW! The sugar in the creamer made the toast caramelize a bit, which made it sweet and crispy.. and since it was actual french bread, it was all soft inside. It was so damn good!!! And the vanilla flavor in the creamer made it so perfect. Seriously. This is my new secret weapon for french toast. Well I guess it's not so secret now. LOL

And yes, I was a good girl and made up for this decadent breakfast on my treadmill. :)

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