Monday, December 28, 2009

Cake Truffles

Last weekend, we were at The Husband's sisters house. She had these lovely little "red velvet cake balls", a holiday treat she received from a co-worker. It was like a truffle (the dessert type), but made of cake. It was extremely moist inside, and double dipped in white chocolate. It was DEVINE. Utterly devine. The Sister-in-law did not know how it was made though. At first I thought perhaps the cake was not cooked all the way, and left doughy.. maybe change the ratio of liquids up to more like a brownie? I did not know. But I needed to know. Apparently the co-worker only gives out the balls.. never the recipe. I can't blame her. That's how I am about The Cinnamon Roll. So I did what any sane food addict would do. I googled. "Red velvet cake truffle". And did my wondering eyes find? The easiest recipe I've ever encountered. No wonder the lady won't give it out. It tastes complated and it's 3 things. Boxed things. One red velvet cake, made according to package directions (this is sounding more and more like a paula deen recipe LOL).. one can of cream cheese frosting, white chocolate bark. Once the cake is completely cooled, crumble it all up. Mix in 3/4 of the frosting, stir it up (this is why it was so moist and brownie like even though it was cake), and form into balls. Dip em twice in the melted chocolate bark and there you go! I'm so making these. Whether or not I use box mix and canned frosting remains to be seen. I have a kick ass red velvet cake, and cream cheese frosting is about as easy as opening a can. We'll see. I might be a rebel and use the damn box!

Oh, how did I know it was boxed cake and not scratch cake? The color. Only boxed red velvet has that particular shade of dark red. Duncan Hines brand, was my guess. LOL Which is not always a bad thing, I don't think. My motto used to be "Duncan Hines does it better than me".. until I found The Cake recipe that works on everything, and gave up the boxes. That was just this year, so I'm definitly not a Duncan Hines hater. I'm just loving that my scratch baked items get such raves. :) But this was a truffle. I'm not sure it really matters if it's scratch or box once you mix in creamy frosting and roll it in chocolate. I'm not sure it matters at all. :P

And since I think this truffle would be great with some champagne (or persecco in my house).. this is going to be a New Years Eve treat. :)


  1. I saw recipes for Cake Balls in a magazine in my doctor's waiting room the week before Christmas, and knew that it was something I had to try with Jillian. We baked an orange flavored cake yesterday, bought some chocolate frosting and some dipping chocolate coating stuff, and we're going to finish them up tonight. She'll decorate them to her heart's content!!

    Never tasted one, but they sound fun to make!

    MckMama had a post about them yesterday, I think. Bakerella (?) is famous for them as well. I hadn't heard of them until I saw them in that magazine...

    I know... a recipe that simply asks you to make a cake from a box mix... exciting LOL!

  2. Orange and chocolate is one of my FAVORITE things!! You have to let me know how that turns out. I wish the princesseseses could decorate with Jilliroo. How are you, sunshine? I miss you.