Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another lame new year's shaping up to be anyway. Everyone cancelled. Everyone. :( Is my house really that bad? Why do people never want to come to our gatherings? I mean, I know my house is small. And I know I have a lot of kids, but damn. I invited several people to come enjoy fondue and cake truffles with us and all of them would rather just stay home. I'm just going to save myself the huge letdown I always feel when people cancel or decline and stop inviting people over. Yes, I'm in a pissy mood. It's my party and it's turning out lame so I'll cry if I want to. And yeah, I really do feel like crying about it. And I do know how pathetic that sounds. I'm blaming my hormones.

So happy new year. Big fucking deal.


  1. I know it probably doesn't feel like much of a consolation, but I'd have much rathered go to your house tonight than to the gathering we've been invited to! Just not feeling well enough to go anywhere. I did start a batch of cake truffles / cake balls, and I got as far as making the cake Monday, and mixing it with frosting on Wednesday... it feels pretty pathetic that it's all that I can manage right now... I'm hoping that this new year will bring better health.

  2. Oh sweetheart! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. What's going on, sunshine? I wish I was in Canada right now.. I'd help you and Jillian finish up your cake balls... and make you soup. Happy New Year, Soleil.. I hope 2010 finds you a resident of Sunny California instead of Cold Ass Canada. :) Especially because I daydream daily about you driving across Texas to get there and staying with me a few days. I miss you so much.