Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well.. I guess I will afterall.

What will I do afterall, you say? Roast a whole turkey. LOL

Just as I hit send on my previous post, my phone rang. A friend needs my help. She needs to take a turkey to her office Thanksgiving party this week, but has absolutely zero time to make one. She offered to bring me some money by(and the amount she offered is WAY to much for a turkey), and said that if I would be willing to pick up the turkey when I do my shopping and prepare it in time for her party, I can keep the change. I would have done this happily for her, free of charge.. but it's kinda awesome to sort of "get paid" to cook for someone. It's not a ton of money.. but it's the point that I'm getting paid to cook!

So, now I'm off to figure out which recipe I'm going to use and make some plans. :)

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