Friday, November 13, 2009

Take-out and Soaps

The Husband went fishing. The kids all made themselves grilled ham and cheese sammies and stuff for dinner.. So I treated myself to some chinese takeout- spicy orange chicken, white rice, hot and sour soup and some crab rangoons. And the Clifhanger Friday marathon for all my soaps I missed this afternoon is on Soapnet.. I'm camped out in my room, laptop in my lap, surrounded by yummy take-out. Now if I could just get my internet to stay logged in long enough to sign into MSN messenger and see if my favorite Canadian is around this evening, things would be perfect!

Okay, yeah.. gonna have to take the leftovers (holy cow they brought me a TON of food LOL) to the kitchen.. wayyyyy to tempting sitting right next to me and my tummy already hurts from eating too much. LOL

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