Sunday, November 1, 2009

H'ween and more!

Halloween was great :) The party was great.. not many people came.. The Bestfriends, and The Friends that used to live across the street. But between the three sets of parents there were 9 kids.. so it was pretty great. :) My friend, K, didn't get here till after 10.. so her DH, M, hung out with us pretty much all day and took their two kids trick or treating with The Husbands (that's when The Husband is with his bestfriend, who is mine's husband.. clear as mud? lol) and the twins. The Bestfriend and I even got over an hour of *quiet*.. just us, some wine and a movie. It was great.

The Husband did not come home with an earring this afternoon. But he tried. The ear piercer lady was at lunch when he went to walmart to get it done. So, when I went to walmart to pick up a few snacks... I also picked up the home ear piercing kit (only $5!!) and a pack of small silver ear piercing studs.. And I pierced The Husbands ear myself!!!! And then.. a little while later... I pierced Justin's ear, too. (JD, did your jaw drop??? LOL) I let Justin go to walmart today, and when I was picking out the earring for Dave and getting the guy to ring me up a piercing kit, Justin starts working me. He's wanted an earring for a lonnnnnng time. He he looked at me when he asked and it just hit me.. He really is getting older. He looks older. He finally ACTS older. And after 3 failed spelling tests, he totally cracked down and got a 110 this week. His behaviour has been mostly wonderful (no kid's perfect). So, I caved inside, but I didn't tell him. I called Dave and talked to Dave about it.. we both agreed. He was so cool about when we got home, too.. because I didn't have time to do it right away. There were cupcakes to make and frost, cookies to frost, meatalls to get in the crockpot (hell no I didn't make homemade meatballs this time), and kids to get in costumes.. which involved hot rollers for The Pretty Girls. And pink hair glitter. :D And he didn't bug me about it. He didn't ask "when are we gonna do it" one single time. He just played it cool, totally helped me bust out some cookies.. I did the icing, he did the sprinkles. Then, he asked if he could go ahead and go to his friend's house so they go start trick or treating. I said "what about your earring? Don't you want to do it before?".. he says "naaa. I'm wearing a mask and a hood.. no one will see it anyway.. We can do it when I get back." WHO IS THIS KID?!?!?! It just totally solidified my decision. He was acting so mature about it, so he deserved it. :)

Dave had me do his before he took the twins t-o-t'ing. He didn't even flinch.. Then when it was in, I loved it instantly. I think he did too. We had to take the piercing stud out, to put a gold hoop in (just for tonight).. and the original plan was, we'd just take the hoop out and let the hole close back up. But he had me put the stud back in instead. ;) He said he wants me to find him a wrench earring and I so am! I feel bad for jacking with it twice in one night.. you could tell that part is what hurt for Dave. We won't mess with it again until Christmas, when his 6 weeks is up. He told me that he wants a wrench shaped earring, and I am SO finding one for his stocking this year. :P

The other boys are kind of wanting their's done too. I'm not sure yet. I feel like I made Justin wait so long , it isn't fair to him that they get it right off the bat when he does. But, it's not as huge a deal as being the first to get an MP3 player, or his own PSP, he'll be the first to get a cell phone, a car, etc. But this isn't as a huge a deal as that, so I'm not sure yet. Plus it's kind of Daddy and Justin's thing right now. And they don't have much. Andy and Dave are tight. Andy is a little mini me of Dave.. and follows him around like a puppy. So of course since Daddy is keeping the earring and Justin got to have one.. He thinks he needs one too. I told him I'd think about it. I think I'm going to make him wait at least a few weeks. He already has tons in common with daddy. They already have all kinds of stuff that's "just them" because Andy is interested in everything Dave does (fishing, watching races and old westerns, and especially fixing cars). Any time Dave is out working on a car.. Andy is right there.. red shop rag in his back pocket and messing with daddy's wrenches. Jason is kind of off and on about wanting one. I think he is just caught up in the excitement. He's going to forget about it tomorrow and not care. Half the time he said he didn't want one tonight... so I don't think he really does. I think I'm going to keep it just a Justin and Daddy thing for a little while... at least a month or two. Maybe around Christmas, if Andy is still wanting it, one of his Christmas presents can be a box of piercing earrings. I don't know. Whaddya think?

Good Grief this turned into a novel. Eyes bleeding yet? I have no business being awake. I got 4 hours of sleep last night, and never managed a nap today. It's 2:2oam and I've been up since 7:30 this morning, yet I'm still trying to unwind. Pretty sure there is an email in my hotmail to read, though.. So with that.. Bonne Nuit, Buona Notte, Good Night :)

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  1. I am impressed by Justin's levelheadedness. Is that a word? :) Oh, Firefox didn't underline it, so it must be. Whew.

    Good luck finding a wrench earring! I didn't know those existed, LOL!

    Sadly, no email yet, I have two sitting in draft mode, though! One of them has your name on it :) In it. On it?

    Buenos Naches (good nachos?)