Saturday, November 7, 2009

Freakin' Dog.. Freakin' Kids.

I'm not sure who I'm more pissed of with... The Idiot Dog who keeps running off.. Or The Kids who keep letting him out the front door. So now there is a new rule: You put The Idiot Dog in his freakin crate BEFORE you leave this house. That way, when you are coming back inside, he can't push his way passed you.

And yes, he really can push his way out.. He's a 80+ lbs (I actually think it's closer to 100lbs) Lab/Pit Bull mix. He's a big boy. Big and STUPID. I swear, he's got all of the lab sweetness... but NONE of the lab intelligence. All brawn.. NO brains. When he makes it out the front door.. it's like his own person rendition of "Born Free" as he takes off running, quickly evading anyone who tries to cut him off.. He's totally got that lab agility and running at top speed down. None of the pit akwardness. Problem is.. He's HUGE. Really really tall... with this huge pit shaped head and big floppy lab ears. So he tends to look scary when he's in a dead run at you..And knocks anyone in his path down. And keep away is his favorite passtime. Especially when it's "keep myself away from anyone who's trying to get me back inside".

We've discovered the one sure fire way of getting him back inside... Problem is.. It involves me getting the car.. chasing him down on the street behind us, opening the back door, whistling for him to get in for a ride..and then driving back around the block to home..and chasing him from the car to the front door and then into his crate for a time out. The thing is.. I think he's doing it just to get to go for the car ride. Maybe he's not so dumb afterall.

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