Monday, November 16, 2009


So I finally joined facebook, at the urging of The Bestfriend... and now I'm addicted to farmville. LOL I tried to play cafe world, but it keeps shutting my computer down.

Anyway... I found one of my bestfriends from highschool!! Turns out, she's been looking for me, too! I was afraid she wouldn't even remember me, so I signed the email with the nickname I used in highschool, just in case.. The last time we saw each other.. gosh, I think I was pregnant with Andy, maybe?? The last time we spoke on the phone, I was in the hospital pregnant and on bedrest with the twins. So, it's definitly been a while. I'm so happy to be reconnecting with her! The asshole ex husband made it very hard for me to have ANY friends, and when she went off to college, we really lost touch. So glad I found her! Now if I could just find Patcha...

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