Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cake Love

Okay.. So if this cake turns out as gorgeous as I think it's going to.. I'm pretty sure this is going to be my go-to recipe for scratch cake. (Recipe to follow after I type it in my own words)

Just the batter is freakin YUMMY. Oh, and my new extra fine micro plane grater... Freakin AWESOME for zesting citrus. I mowed right through two oranges like it was nothing. In love with that new toy.

And I finally decided to give AB's trick for measuring and cutting parchment paper to fit a round cake pan. (AB is my main food man... Alton Brown of Good Eats.. be still my heart, I love that nerdy man!) He demonstrated this technique in the Coconut Cake episode. Where you tear off a peice that fits across the pan, and then fold in half, and then in half on the corner (hard to explain, but it ends up looking sorta like a paper airplane) and then you put the point in the center of the pan, and cut it to fit the edge.. when you unfold it, you have a perfect circle that fits exactly in the bottom of the round cake pan.. I will do it and post a pic later.. anyway.. I'll be damned if that wasn't really easy and worked like a charm! No more tracing in pencil and then cutting out for me. Little paper airplane trick worked way better!

Cakes are probably almost done.. I better go make orange simple syrup and sour cream whipped frosting. Excited yet?? you should be. :)

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