Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Monday

I have lots planned for today.. I promised The Mother-in-law that I would come visit her today and look through all her photos from the European Cruise she just took. So, I mixed up a batch of blueberry scones and have them in the oven now to take to her house.

I also need to stop at The Good Grocery Store to see if they have the boneless turkey breast with skin on that I want.. They didn't have it at my regular store. They did have a whole bone-in turkey breast, though.. And Ina has a recipe for one of those on FN... So if I have to I'll make one of those.

Plus, I need to get a brine ready to go for the turkey I'm roasting for The Friend tomorrow.

There is tons of laundry to fold, and even more to wash.. HOW does it get this bad in just a couple weeks? Seriously? HOW. I am such a slave to the laundry hampers.. it will never be done. Didn't I like *just* write a laundry fairy post? Where is the bitch that does our laundry?! She's so fired. It's outta control again. And I'm not sure what the heck happened in the twins room.. but it looks like a fabric confetti bomb went off in there.. It looks as if every stitch of clothing they own is on the floor.. yet the drawers are so full, stuff is hanging out?!? Methinks I should do some clothes weeding, because there must be crap that is either way too small or way too big in there for it to be this full. Either that, or I really need to stop buying them clothes. LOL

And that brings me to The Mamma's "Bitch of the Day". This will be a regular segment here on Guess what the heathens, I mean kids, did today.

*on soapbox* My bitch of the day is: "If there are so many items of clothing spread out between two dressers packed full and stuff hanging in the closet that it's practically spilling out of the drawers.. WHY do my daughters need stand in their room butt ass naked for 20 minutes every morning trying to find a freakin pair of pants?!?! And why do they have to stand there, (still butt ass naked) hollering for dad, who is outside warming the van up, to tell them whether or not it is cold today? Why can't they at least get a freakin pair of underware and pants on while they are waiting to find out if they need a long sleeve shirt or not? Why must the WHOLE PROCESS of getting dressed stand still until they know what sort of shirt to get? If anyone can make it over to twinland and find out for me, I'd appreciate it.. because everyone is getting a little tired of being late in the mornings. Thank you". *off soapbox*

Okay.. I'm off to butter and sugar the tops of some scones! Wait. Speaking of Butter. The Bestfriend is SO going to kill me. But it's not my fault. I didn't bring it home. I didn't! I didn't even ask for one. I didn't! It was a total suprise, and The Husband did it.. And I'm weak, okay? I admit it. The minute he crossed the thresh hold with her he knew she wasn't leaving, so it's his fault. Yell at him. He said she was playing frogger in the road, and couldn't just be left there. And we were planning to get one when we moved anyway, but I swear this wasn't my idea! It wasn't!And well.. Umm.. Here's my new baby :) Meet Butter!!

And yes, I really did name her Butter. :P Also known as Butter Bean, Butter Cup, Butter Baby, Baby B, and Lady B. :D

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