Monday, November 2, 2009

Baked Pastas

I have to say... Baked pasta dishes rank right up there with puppy breath and roses on my birthday. Tonight I made meatballs out of turkey italian sweet sausage and cooked them in my super devine red sauce.. and boiled up some low carb penne rigate. I didn't cook the penne all the way, though. I pulled it out of the water and finished cooking it IN the red sauce with the meatballs.. Can we say YUMMY? I buttered up a baking dish, poured in the pasta, meatballs and sauce.. then threw in a good pound of cubed fresh whole milk mozzarella. And just for good measure.. I put about a cup and a half of shredded mozzarella on top. Tossed it all in the oven for about 20.. and it's quite possibly heaven on earth. When every person at the table moans and says "this is so good" at pretty much the same time... you know you did good. :) Well almost every person.

The Pickiest Eater in All The Land ate his high fiber cereal and drank an Activia...claiming constipation and that he really needs his cereal and yogurt. Whatever. I'm pretty sure the hospital must have screwed up and gave me the wrong baby.. because he doesn't like red sauce. Let me rephrase that.. He LOATHES tomato based pasta sauces (except on pizza.. the hypocrit) and acts as though he's choking to death when he's forced to eat them. I'm not sure how a child with half my genetic make up can not like any kind of Italian food.. but he hates it. Honestly, I'm over it. It's not worth getting my panties in a wad while he insults my awesome cooking. If he'd rather eat cardboard, aka Fiber One cereal, than my amazing out of this world pasta.. that's his loss and more pasta for me at midnight when I take just a fork to the fridge and eat cold pasta straight from the tupperware in the dark. LOL

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