Monday, October 26, 2009

Vacation Food

So we went to The Beach twice this summer. The first time was on our "parents only" weekend with The Bestfriends while all the kids were at summer bible camp. While in Port A, we ate dinner one of those nights at a place called Seafood and Spaghetti Works. It's your typical island restaurant.. it's not too fancy, but not a total dive, either. Now I love me some fancy places, and I *totally* dig dive restaurants (Hello.. my fav food network show is DDD with Guy Fieri LOL)... So a middle of the road mix of the two totally my thing. When we ate there, I was actually not feeling really well.. because two days of "no kids are around, I can drink all day" caught up with me and my ulcer was on FIRE that night. So...I, who am usually a total Food Whore and practically orgasm just reading menus (lol), wasn't really up to par that night. But I read the menu with enthusiasm and ordered something called "Jason's Ginger Shrimp". It was fried shrimp on a bed of wild rice with raisins, sauteed peppers, onions, and mushrooms with a dark sweet tangy spicey "ginger sauce". It was DEVINE. I could only eat a couple bites before my stomach erupted into flames. But I adored those couple of bites and boxed it up to take back to the hotel and eat when I felt better (totally not as good reheated, but I enjoyed it anyway).

The taste of the sauce reminded me of a sauce I once bought at the grocery store a few months back. It was a jamaican jerk sauce made by Spice Island Co. I used it on pork tenderloin when I bought it.. I even used raisins in the sauce I made for the pork.

The second time we went to The Beach, when we took the kids (pictures to follow in another post :D ).. We went back to The Restaurant.. this time I was feeling just fine... and so of course I *HAD* to order Jason's Ginger Shrimp.. just so I could fully enjoy it hot and while the shrimp were crispy and fresh. O.M.G. YUMMY!!

So anyway, yesterday I was at the grocery store that carries this particular sauce (my usual store doesn't carry it).. so I grabbed a bottle.. Along with some fried shrimp, some bell pepper, some mushrooms and raisins...and a little nub of fresh ginger and a wild rice mix. I am SO making "Mamma's Ginger Shrimp" for dinner tonight!!!

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