Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paula, Paula, Paula...

Paula Deen just made rice a roni on her show. Rice a Freakin Roni. C'mon now, Paula. They gave you a COOKING show. You should COOK. Not use Rice a Roni and cream of crap soup and a CAN of artichoke hearts. For real. *shakes head* At least Sandra Lee admits to using convience foods. I don't get mad at her. I don't really like her show, but I don't hate on her when she uses the prepackaged stuff.. It's the premise of her culinary point of view.. Her show is called "semi-homemade".. not Paula's Home Cooking. You ain't "home cookin" if you're just opening up a bunch of cans and boxes and throwing it all in a bowl. I mean Giada doesn't tell you she's going to teach to you make spaghetti sauce and then tell you to open a jar of Prego and "follow the package directions". Seriously, Paula actually said to just follow the directions on whatever brand of "rice mix" you choose to buy.. She got a chicken flavored one. LOL Maybe I'm just being a snob. But it's my blog. :P

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