Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Now I really feel old...

So it's my birthday. Woo hoo, I'm 31. I kinda thought turning 30 sucked, although it was a lot of fun because my friends made it a lot of fun. But turning 31 seems worse. Not sure why. But whatever. LOL

I started thinking about my friend Carolyn.. who's birthday is in two days. She became a grandmother this year. At the age of 36. The baby that she had at 18 had a baby at 18. And it got me to thinking. Oh shit. Justin is 12. I got pregnant with him at 18 and had him right after my 19th birthday. If he were to "follow in my footsteps"... That's only 6 or 7 years away. Umm. NOT COOL. SO NOT COOL! To put this into perspective... I've lived in my home for almost 7 years. I saw my very good friend JD(Hi Sunshine!! it's been too long!!) right after we moved in here. And honestly.. that seems like it was maybe last year. Time has FLOWN by. Years have flown by. I can't imagine how fast the next 6 or 7 years is going to go by. And what if my kid does what I did and knocks some poor girl up and makes me a grandmother in that same amount of time??? NOT COOL!! LOL I called The Husband and told him of my feeling old woes... and he laughed at me. I told him, oh sure.. you can laugh. You're already in your 40s... in 6 or 7 years you'll be close to 50.. that's a perfectly respectable age to become a grandfather. Then I told him I'd kill Justin if he follows in my footsteps. LOL Hopefully that apple fell nice and far from the tree. LOL

So there you go. Crazy as ever. Worrying about stuff that hasn't even happened... as usual. Happy Birthday to me!

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