Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Getting my groove back

Well after a week of being down with what I am 99% sure was the flu.. I am starting to feel a little more like my old self again. Whether it was the swine flu or the "regular" flu, I have no idea. I wasn't subjecting myself to the ER just sit around for 6 or 7 hours to find out. Several bottles of nyquil and ibprofen later, I'm starting to feel human again. Still coughing and a little congested, but no worse for the wear. I'm awake.. and it's before noon... That's a really good sign! LOL

The kids all went to school today. Jason and Andy had to stay home yesterday, as they were both still feeling crappy and throwing up.. Of course by 10am they were running around, playing with the eye toy on the playstation and *destroying* my house. Jason tried to con us into letting him stay home again today... but once I told him "that's cool.. but I'm going to need your play station, your ds, your xbox, and the TV is going to need to stay off.. You can read in your bed if you want, but mostly, you'll need to be sleeping... And you obviously won't be able to see any of your friends when they get home from school, either. You'll need to stay in bed." He was suddenly well enough for school!!! LOL Funny how having no chance of playing any video games all day makes you feel well all better! He tried to call me from school, but the nurse saw right through him too.. he's done this before ;) You'd think he'd figure out that we caught on a lonnnnng time ago.

I have a long day ahead of me.. and I hope I've got the stamina for it. My kitchen is a wreck, the laundry is about attack, and there is nothing to eat in this house. I have barely cooked a thing in the last week, it's been all throw togethers and convenience foods.. But this week I'm in the mood for some good food. I *need* to cook something really good. So, I'm defintily giving that butternut squash and italian sausage lasagne recipe a shot this week. Also on the menu: chicken with basalmic vinegar and garlic with roasted new potatoes and green beans, and the kids requested that we make chili this week.. so we'll do that along with all the usual toppings (cheese, sour cream, crackers, corn chips, etc). I'm pretty sure I need to give this recipe for Nutella marbled pound cake a whirl this week, too. LOL

Tonight is girl scouts for the twins and Alyssa... and I'm supposed to bring a snack, so I need to figure that out too.

Well, shoot. Andy just called from the nurses office.. he threw up in PE. :( I guess this will have to be finished after I pick him up from school.

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