Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Busy Mamma

It's been a busy busy day. But busy days are always the really fufilling days. I've washed folded and put away about 10 loads of laundry... eek! Two weeks of not feeling good and barely doing the basics around here really caught up with me! I'm pretty tired today.. but feeling good about all I've accomplished. I didn't fall asleep last night until after 3am.. I was on a roll with getting the laundry started and then I just plain couldn't fall asleep. Then this morning, I thought I'd reward my latenight hard work with sleeping late.. No such luck. My back was really bothering me and I couldn't get comfortable enough to fall back asleep after the kids went off to school. So, I ended up just getting up and making coffee and surfing the net for a while.. Then ended up getting right back to the laundry. Mid day I figured I would get out and finish up the grocery shopping for the week and get the last few Halloween items I was still needing.

I found the purple and black striped tights I was looking for to go with my witch hat and purple glitter eyelashes. :) I'm kind of excited to be dressing up a little bit. I'm just going to do the tights and the hat (the hat is sparkly with the purple band).. with my knee length flouncy black skirt and a black top. And to go with my cute as hell tights... My knee high stilletto boots, of course!! Or maybe my peep toe 4in heels. Haven't decided. And I got some cute purple glitter spray stuff for my hair, and purple body glitter. Can you tell I like purple and black for halloween? I am nothing if not well coordinated. ;)

And I found a cream colored turtle neck to go underneath Heather's "Belle" costume. It's perfect and close enough to skin color that it shouldn't be too noticable under the cute yellow off the shoulder dress. I got the twins some cute glitter eyelashes, too. No whether or not they'll be able to hold still enough for me to get them on their eyelids straight remains to be seen. But I found some glitter mascara, too.. so *maybe* that will work if the eyelashes don't work out or don't fit their eyes.. we can use that. I'm not very hopefull.. the last time we had a "girls night" and did makeovers.. mascara was NOT something that worked out very well. LOL They blink a LOT and make it damn near impossible. LOL I'm sure it's going to be a very funny adventure getting them ready. I got ribbons to help decorate their hair, too. Heather is going to be one of the fairies from the "Tinkerbell" movie.. Silvermist. Her costume is really pretty purple and turquoise kind of swirled. She has a really cute turquoise long sleeve shirt that matches it perfectly to wear underneath it, since the weather is going to be chilly.

The boys are all being "scary" preteen boy costumes this year.. Justin is the grim reaper and Andy is doing Jason from Friday the 13th. Ugh, I hate those costumes.. but they've been begging and I'm sick of the fight. Last year was SO much cooler when they all dressed up as Gothic Punk Rockers. Now that was something I could get into. Spiked hair (Justin's was totally cool.. 7 inch long spikes painted bright orange and blue!) white faces and dark eye makeup. But nooooo this year we gotta do the typle boy adolecent crap. Even when I let the twins dress up as witches a couple years ago and the way I'm dressing up as one is cutesty.. not blood and scary masks and crap. Whatever. *eyeroll* Jason is the only one doing something I don't completely hate. He's wearing all camoflauge with camo face paint and a helmet.. but of course needs to carry a bright orange and green machine gun that makes clicky noises and a big "ammo bullet belt" thingy. His costume is at least something he's passionate about. He watches this show on the history channel all the time with some intense guy that talks about the history of different cannons and guns and other war weapons and why certain wars started, and who won, etc. He's *really* into military stuff. So at least his costume makes a little sense for him. He really wanted to be more specific with it.. 1942 WWII Army Soldier. But we couldn't find the brownish green military coats or pants.. so he decided just plain camo would be okay.. if he could have the ammo belt and the big machine gun thing. *eyeroll*

Even with the boys crappy costume choices, I'm really excited about Halloween this year. Halloween is Dave's birthday and usually we have to pick.. great costumes for the kids, or do something fun for Dave. Well, kids come first in our marriage.. so of course we rarely ever do anything. Usually we go to dinner on November 1st. But this year, we've been planning and buying a little here and a little there.. And have been graced by God to have been having a pretty good October at Dave's shop.. So we're managing both the kids Halloween fun.. and a party for Dave!! My mom brought up 5 huge totes FULL of Halloween decorations for my The Sister and I to split up. Once I had all of this Halloween decor up both inside and out.. I started feeling the itch to throw a party. I mean my house is totally cute and I want to show it off!!! Since most of our friends have kids, they are all coming to our neighborhood for trick or treating.. and then hanging out for a grownup party while the kids get snacks and movies in the back of the house. Dave is even dressing up!!! Well, sort of. He's been shaving his head for years, but he has a beard and a moustache... So, he's decided he's going to shave off the beard and moustache, get a clip on gold earring and wear a white tee shirt and be "Mr. Clean" for Halloween! LMAO!! If you know my husband, you are totally rolling on the floor laughing right now, aren't you? It's such a Dave thing to do. And he's totally built like Mr. Clean (God I love my husbands big arms *swoon*).. I'm a little nervous about the no facial hair thing. I've always been of the opinion that if a guy shaves his head.. he REALLY has to balance that out with some facial hair. But it's for a good cause and should grow back within a week. :P

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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