Monday, July 27, 2009

What a weekend!

So this weekend was my brother's company boat party. Big party barge middle of Lake Travis, 3 kegs, no kids. Can we say a mother's dream?? Yep. AND I conquered my fear of heights. Well sort of. I'm still terrified of anything over 15 feet. But the top deck of that boat was 15 feet and I jumped off it into the water not once, but three times.. Go me!!

The kids stayed with grandma.. She took them to the pool, so they had a good time yesterday, too. Always nice.

Tomorrow is going to be a big adventure.. Dave and I are going to take the kids to 6 Flags. By ourselves. No friends, no helpers. Should be interesting. We've been saving money for it, so it's going to a good day. I hope....

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