Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sometimes you just need a cinnamon roll...

This one's not about the kids. It's about The Bestfriend. She texts me this afternoon. "I NEED more cinnamon rolls." "You NEED them, huh? What kind do you need? Maple or cream cheese icing?" "Either. I just need some." I know she's on her period. It sounds like she's had a shitty day. It doesn't really matter that it's 5pm. She needs a cinnamon roll. Who could blame her? They are THAT damn good. Being the way awesome friend that I am.. I of course made her cinnamon rolls. With the maple icing. And walnuts. 3 hours later.. 8pm I was driving to her house with warm cinnamon mapley goodness. And it made her happy. She moaned in delight over the intoxicating yumminess. I admit it. I had one too. And we had a bottle of wine.

What bad day? Everything is right as rain again.

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