Monday, January 5, 2009

Bedtime Fun and Games

So, it's bedtime on a Saturday night. Now I admit, I let them stay up way too late. It was after 11. So one would think that they'd be all sleepy sleepy and crash right out, no? No. Not so much. They were quiet for a while. I really thought they'd been asleep. I'm out here in the living room downloading music, playing with the cool MP3 player SuperHubby got me for Christmas. It's 1:42am. Kids are sleepin.. Yeah. Then I start hearing it. The ill-supressed giggles of NONsleeping children. So I say loudly from the couch, "Seriously. Go to sleep. It's amost 2am" Another giggle. "GO TO FREAKIN SLEEP!". And then I hear from Justin "Andy is playing his gameboy." Little heathen. "Andy.. Put the gameboy away or it's mine. Stop messing with me, I am not in the mood." And this is followed by Andy hollering out to me "Justin was playing his PSP." "ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS?!??! YOU TOLD ON YOUR BROTHER FOR SOMETHING YOU WERE DOING TOO?!?! Go to sleep right now, stop messing with me. I WILL breathe fire in a minute".

Good times.

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