Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sometimes you just need a cinnamon roll...

This one's not about the kids. It's about The Bestfriend. She texts me this afternoon. "I NEED more cinnamon rolls." "You NEED them, huh? What kind do you need? Maple or cream cheese icing?" "Either. I just need some." I know she's on her period. It sounds like she's had a shitty day. It doesn't really matter that it's 5pm. She needs a cinnamon roll. Who could blame her? They are THAT damn good. Being the way awesome friend that I am.. I of course made her cinnamon rolls. With the maple icing. And walnuts. 3 hours later.. 8pm I was driving to her house with warm cinnamon mapley goodness. And it made her happy. She moaned in delight over the intoxicating yumminess. I admit it. I had one too. And we had a bottle of wine.

What bad day? Everything is right as rain again.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sometimes they're NOT complete punks..huh.

So yesterday afternoon, Jason was looking everywhere for a bottle of glue or a glue stick or tape or SOMETHING. He had to complete an assignment that he missed when he was with his therapist that afternoon. Couldn't find one anywhere. Not suprising. The twins are little kleptos when it comes to glue, paper, scissors, markers, crayons, stickers, stamps, etc. Basically if it involves stationary, they swipe it. Heathens. Creative heathens. But confetti making little heathens they are.

Anyway. Back to Jason. No adhesive product with which to finish his work. So, I agreed I'd write a note. "Dear Jason's Teacher, I'm sorry I suck as a mom, I have no adhesive product, pleast don't hate my kid. blah blah blah." Jason who is normally highly emotional about such things (He dispises letting his teacher down) took it really well and quit fretting over it and went out to play.

Later that night, at bedtime, I'm signing folders and binders and getting things ready for the next day and I open Justin's binder and what do I behold? A glue stick. Right there in his pencil pouch. I close the binder, call him out to the living room and say to him, "Justin, do you remember this afternoon when Jason was going on and on and on trying to find glue?" His reply: "yeah." He looks down at the binder, shifts his feet a little and swallows hard and starts blinking. Yep. Busted. I open his binder and look up at him with "The Look". You know The Look. You're mom gave it to you when you broke her vase. Or used her sewing scissors on magazine pictures for your wall. Yep, that one. Well, I'm a pro at it. Five kids does that. I should teach lessons. I *have* taught lessons.

The Look gets the expected response: "Oh. Well, I forgot it was in there." "Uh huh." "No really, I did. I just didn't remember it was in there." "Yeah. And you had just been in your binder doing homework WHILE he was looking and just didn't see it, huh?" With a repeat of The Look. He looks down at the carpet. "Sorry." "Why couldn't you just give it to him? You know how frustrated he gets and much it frustrates me." "I don't know." "Me either." I shake my head, sign his binder and give it back to him. And I think but don't voice "UGH!, why do they have to be such assholes to each other all the damn time?"

I know they're tweens, but god almighty.. the CONSTANT antagonizing gets So. Freakin. Old.

I bet you're wondering why this is titled sometimes they're NOT complete punks. Sometimes they redeem themselves when they realize what punks they've been. And this is one such time.

This morning comes around and Jason needs to take a shower before school. Justin remembers the episode from the night before and apparently feels bad about it, because he gets Jason's assignment out of his binder, gets the glue stick and has it all laid out on the table with binders and backpacks close by for quick clean up, when Jason gets out of the shower. He then helps him glue the peices on to the paper and get it all packed back up before it was time to leave.

See, sometimes they get it and they realize what a complete punk they're acting like do something to totally shock you. Sometimes it IS possible for an 11 year old boy to actually be nice to his 9 year old bi-polar brother.

Huh. Who stole my kids, and hey.. can you keep them for a bit? I like these two.

Monday, January 5, 2009

And we don't give a....

So, Andy is at the table rockin' out to his new mp3 player. And he's so his daddy's boy.. he's listening to "A Country boy can survive". And he's jammin. And singin. "We say grace, and we say ma'am, if you ain't into that we don't give a *BEEP*!!!" Followed by rounds and rounds of giggles.

LOL.. Kids.

If you don't wake up right now..

Today is the first day back to school from the holiday break. And naturally the child that was still awake at 12:30 didn't want to wake up. This would be Andy. Yesterday was his birthday. Maybe it was too much cake. Maybe it was too much excitement. Maybe it was the fact that bedtime got stretched further and further each day of Christmas break. Who knows. But the kid wouldn't sleep and then the kid wouldn't wake up this morning. Well. I know how to get a kid movin. I am The Mamma, afterall. We have a little tradition of me bringing whatever takeout the birthday kid would like for lunch to the school and eating with them. So, I tell Andy "Either you get up and get dressed and get your 8 year old butt to school or I'm not bringing you lunch today".

It never ceases to amaze me how quick a child will start moving when you mention McDonalds.

Bedtime Fun and Games

So, it's bedtime on a Saturday night. Now I admit, I let them stay up way too late. It was after 11. So one would think that they'd be all sleepy sleepy and crash right out, no? No. Not so much. They were quiet for a while. I really thought they'd been asleep. I'm out here in the living room downloading music, playing with the cool MP3 player SuperHubby got me for Christmas. It's 1:42am. Kids are sleepin.. Yeah. Then I start hearing it. The ill-supressed giggles of NONsleeping children. So I say loudly from the couch, "Seriously. Go to sleep. It's amost 2am" Another giggle. "GO TO FREAKIN SLEEP!". And then I hear from Justin "Andy is playing his gameboy." Little heathen. "Andy.. Put the gameboy away or it's mine. Stop messing with me, I am not in the mood." And this is followed by Andy hollering out to me "Justin was playing his PSP." "ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS?!??! YOU TOLD ON YOUR BROTHER FOR SOMETHING YOU WERE DOING TOO?!?! Go to sleep right now, stop messing with me. I WILL breathe fire in a minute".

Good times.